Play-N-Squeak "At Night" toys win award at SuperZoo!


Play-N-Squeak is proud to announce that the "At Night" line of cat toys won second place in the cat category during the SuperZoo 2010 New Product Awards. SuperZoo is widely recognized as the national show for pet retailers.


"At Night" is a family of Play-N-Squeak toys that feature eyes that light up for night time fun (in addition to the realistic mouse squeak the toys have always produced). Most cats sleep between 12 and 20 hours in a 24 hour period but tend to be awake at night, mainly due to the fact that that is when their "prey" would be awake.  Providing cats with Play-N-Squeak interactive cat toys that encourage physical and mental exercise can satisfy a cat's needs for physical, mental and social stimulation, day or night!


We're proud of this award and we'd like to invite you to see why Play-N-Squeak "At Night" cat toys are some of the very best interactive cat toys available.




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Play-N-Squeak wins prestigious 2008 Cat Fancy Editors' Choice Award!

The Play-N-Squeak line of interactive cat toys has been named a winner of the 2008 Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice Awards.  Cat Fancy reserves this prestigious honor for only the best new products that help promote the health, safety, comfort and enjoyment of our feline companions. We're proud of this award and we'd like to invite you to see why Play-N-Squeak cat toys are the very best interactive cat toys available.



FAQ (frequently asked questions)

The package says remove tab to activate sound. What tab?


There is a clear plastic tab on all Play-N-Squeak toys that, when removed, enable the sound module to squeak. Occasionally these tabs are removed while the product is at the store so when you get the toy home, the tab may not be there. If the tab has been removed and the toy does not squeak, try rapping it against a hard surface, like a counter top or table. If the toy still does not squeak (this is rare), please take it back to the store.


Do I return the products to you, or the store?


Play-N-Squeak is committed to your satisfaction and we want you to be happy with your purchase.  We will do our absolute best to resolve any performance issues with Play-N-Squeak toys, but we cannot accept returns or refund purchases of our products made at retail stores.  All returns and refunds must go through the store, website or catalog from which you purchased Play-N-Squeak and are subject to their return and refund policy.   

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Play-n-Squeak Wins Prestigious Award!!


Play-N-Squeak interactive cat toys has been named a winner of the 2008 Cat Fancy Editors' Choice Award!
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